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To lead our lives, not have our lives lead us - brings great joy!


I have a private practice in Pittsboro, NC based in the principles of
Somatic Psychology. Somatic is derived from the ancient Greek word "
Soma", meaning body. Somatics is working with the client to bring together in a practical way mind, body and spirit. I love to work with my clients, assisting them in opening to the innate wisdom of their body.  Our history is stored in our muscle, tissue, bones, cells and psyche.  This is coaching that works through the body. Working through the body is where lasting change is made.  Not just by training the mind, but including the body and spirit too.  I am committed to working with you as you open to a deeper sense of your unique presence in the world.  I believe as we each become more comfortable with our being, we can master change that is sustainable for ourselves, our country and the world in which we live.   I believe through this embodiment,  this presence, there will be less violence, more peace not only in our selves but in the world around us.

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innate wisdom of their body. Our history is stored in our cells, tissue, muscle and psyche. The lineage of the work that she provides is: Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich, Randolph Stone, Richard Strozzi Heckler.
Barbara is committed to working with clients to assist them in deepening
their embodied presence in the World.  She believes that one person at a
time,  as we begin to embody our own skin and see each other, we change the
world.  Through this embodiment there will be less mischief, more peace.
Through grounded compassion for self and others we can change our lives. 

Barbara is a Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist & Certified Somatic Coach and Business Coach

 To lead our lives, not have our lives lead us - brings great joy!

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What Is Your Body Telling You by Barbara Moore



Take a moment to notice your breath. As you read this, allow your spine to lengthen. Feel your chest open. Fill your lungs. As you exhale, notice gravity. Feel the sensation of gravity supporting you. Pause. Inhale, and allow your shoulders to rise and fall as you exhale. Let your body settle down. Allow your body to open and settle.


What do you notice? Did your muscles release? Did an area of tightness begin to open up, creating more space? Take one more breath and blow your breath out. What did your body tell you? We are always learning through the body.


Historically, we have put great value on cognitive learning. For many of us, our body is simply a way to carry our big smart head around. As we begin to drop down into our body—that is, to become embodied—we begin to view the world in a more meaningful way, and in kind the world begins to view us differently.

Somatics teaches us that learning is more than the mind acquiring knowledge. Learning through the body is learning in an embodied way, and if I take an action, my feelings follow that action. Take the example of feeling like you should go to the gym. In the end, it is your action that gets you to the gym, not your feelings. If I take a new action, I create a new way of being.


Somatic coaching assists clients linguistically, cognitively, and somatically (through observing the body) to have a deeper operational understanding of themselves, a better perspective on how they may be “organizing” their body.


We are always making assessments about how people are organized in their bodies. A classic example is when we speak to someone whose arms are folded across her chest. We may wonder if she is open to what we are saying when she may simply be chilly and trying to stay warm. Another example is the guy who walks with his chin up in the air. It seems like he may be looking down his nose on us. Does he believe himself to be superior? Assumptions like these can be problematic if he is actually a nice guy who wonders why people do not respond to him with warmth.


Our body stores the wisdom of all of our life experiences in our muscles, tissues, and cells. Developing access to that wisdom through somatic coaching brings forward our own individual medicine. As we practice something as simple as calling our attention to our breath, we open our access to this wisdom of our body. Somatic coaching helps us begin to train our bodies to inform and guide us.


Are you seeking a life that has deeper meaning? Can you make a stand—are your legs under you? How can you be more present, centered, and grounded?


You are the sum of your actions. You are the sum of your practices. What do you practice daily? What do you care about?


Barbara Moore is a Certified Somatic Coach,  Certified Business Coach and a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist #6151. To learn more about Barbara’s work and how she can help you, visit her website at or call 919/270-8103.


Published in Fall 2011 Newsletter for Pittsboro Center for Natural Medicine